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More wine grapes are grown in the Willcox growing region than all other Arizona growing areas combined.



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Scenes from past Willcox Wine Events  All photos by Thomas A. Johnson

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  • Wines of Willcox FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


    We'll be adding to the FAQ section periodically. If you have a question about Willcox Wine, please send an e-mail to Thomas Ale Johnson tomj@tmf.net with the subject line FAQ Willcox Wine.

  • Q: What grape varieties are grown in the Willcox area?


    A: A wide range of grapes are grown (and experimental blocs are being planted all the time) but many varieties from France (Rhone), Spain (Rioja), & Italy (Piedmont, Chianti, etc...) have already proven to make excellent world-class wines. Mourvedre/Monastrell, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenache, Malvasia, Viognier, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon are some of the more popular varieties grown locally.

  • Q: Why grow wine grapes in Arizona?


    A: Arizona is more than just big cities surrounded by miles of dust and cacti. Arizona has high desert regions that are well suited to grape growing. These higher elevations have the warm days and cooler nights that bring out the best character in many types of grapes. Grapes thrive with very little water once established (in fact vines that are slightly stressed often produce the best wines) so wine grapes are among the most sustainable crops that can be grown in these regions.


    Willcox has a long agricultural and ranching history. The sprawling country valleys and foothills around Willcox are known statewide for their herbs, fruits and vegetables. Growing grapes seems a natural fit!

  • Q: Can I volunteer to work in a vineyard or winery?


    A: Yes! Many local vineyards are family owned and appreciate help for planting, harvesting and bottling. These times are great opportunities to meet the winemakers and learn about the many aspects of winemaking. Join winery e-mail lists or follow their social media sites to stay informed regarding these opportunities.

  • Q: Where is Willcox?


    A: Willcox is a small community in a wine grape growing region in the southeastern corner of Arizona. Several vineyards and wineries in portions of Cochise and Graham Counties are close to this small town hub.


    If you'd like to visit the Willcox area for a tasting tour, please see our Wine Tasting page for information on local tasting rooms.

  • Q: What's the weather like?

    A: Great! Our high elevation means warm days and cool nights. Like the rest of Arizona, we have a lot of bright sunny days, but because of our more moderate temperatures many Tucson and Phoenix residents enjoy escaping the heat and visiting Willcox. Even on our hottest summer days, our high desert wine country nights are cool and comfortable. In the winter, temperatures can fall below freezing at night (and yes, we get a little snow) but the days are usually warm.

About the Wines of Willcox


Just one hour east of Tucson, Arizona, you can sample award winning, unique and fascinating wines from the largest grape-growing region in the state. Whatever your tastes may be -Serious & Bold Reds, Vibrant & Crisp Whites, Dry, Spicy, Subtle & Food Friendly, Sweet Wines and Dessert Wines- we have something for you!


Willcox Wine festivals are held twice each year -- 3rd weekend in May and the 3rd weekend in October.



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